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From the President

Our university is founded on the spirit of the Miyuki Fivefold Philosophy. With this spirit, we aim to educate our students to arm themselves with practical skills and knowledge directly useful to their future vocations and thus, to be able to contribute to the development of their local communities. To realize this goal, we specifically focus on providing the necessary certifications and credentials for fields such as social workers, registered nurses, teaching credentials for kindergarten, primary and secondary school, and the essential qualifications required for the areas of business and sports science. For those who aim to become researchers, we also have graduate study programs.

In order for the students to find the best occupation possible, we provide a systematic curriculum so that students can pursue their dreams with periodic self-assessment. As a result, we have a very high percentage of our students securing job offers every year.

For extracurricular activities, many of our sports athletes and teams are often among the finalists at the regional tournaments, and sometimes go on to the national championship tournaments.

Fukuyama Heisei University is a co-ed institution; it provides the necessary facilities for our coeds to have a comfortable school life at our campus. In fact, regardless of their genders, our students spend their campus life in a very friendly atmosphere.

Akio Fuji
Fukuyama Heisei University

Our Mission

The mission of Fukuyama Heisei University is to achieve a holistic education with a deep respect for humanity, which aims to develop harmonious character-building.

We welcome and expect to receive young people who have the courage to seek truth with a rational mind, who respect life and others, love one’s hometown, community and country, and who are willing to love the whole world with an open mind.

Our principal goal is that we commit our hope for the future to our immaculate young people by educating them to build the foundation for their bright future.

We claim to be a new and unique private institution different from other existing universities because as we pursue our mission, our doors are widely opened to society.

Administrative Staff

President Akio Fuji
Vice President Kazuo Kawakubo (academic affairs)
Yoshifumi Yoshidome (business affairs)
Faculty of Business Administration (Dean) Kazuo Kawakubo
 Department of Business Administration (Chair) Keiichi Eguchi
Faculty of Welfare Science and Health (Dean) Junko Nagai
 Department of Welfare Science (Chair) Machiko Okabe
 Department of Childhood Education (Chair) Yasuhiro Mito
 Department of Health and Sports Science (Chair) Tsuyoshi Ishibashi
Faculty of Nursing (Dean) Takayo Kimiya
 Department of Nursing (Chair) kazuko Oka
 Midwifery Course (Chair) Takayo Kimiya
Graduate School
 Business Information Graduate Program (Chair) Kazuki Kodama
 Sports and Health Science Graduate Program (Chair) Junko Nagai
 Nursing Graduate Program (Chair) Yoshiko Tamura


1994 Fukuyama Heisei University was established with one faculty and three departments: Faculty of Business Administration with the Department of Business Information, the Department of Business Law, and the Department of Welfare Science.
2000 Faculty of Business Administration started graduate programs in Business Information and Business Law.
2004 Faculty of Wellbeing Science began with two departments: the Department of Welfare Science and the Department of Health and Sports Science
2006 Faculty of Wellbeing Science established the Welfare Science Course and the Early Childhood Care Course
2007 Faculty of Nursing opened with the Department of Nursing
2008 Department of Business Information was changed to the Department of Business Administration
Faculty of Wellbeing Science opened the Department of Childhood Education
2009 Graduate programs started in Health and Sports Science, and Nursing
2011 Midwifery course added to the Faculty of Nursing

Departments and Graduate programs

  • Business Administration
  • Welfare Science
  • Childhood Education
  • Health and Sports Science
  • Nursing
  • Business Information (Graduate Program)
  • Sports and Health Science (Graduate Program)
  • Nursing (Graduate Program)
  • Midwifery (Graduate Program)
Department of Business Administration

We aim to educate our students to have business administrative skills, which are needed both in our society and in the world at large.

We train our students with the skills to cope with issues relating to information technology and business management. This training prepares them to be competent business persons or people engaged in various fields of industries, who eventually would dedicate themselves for the development of our society in their unique ways. We primarily focus on practical education; that is to say, with our excellent liberal arts programs, we provide the best environment for obtaining the necessary certificates for business management. Furthermore, our ICT program is tailored to meet the demands of today’s society.

Department of Welfare Science

We aim to educate our students to cultivate abilities to support others in diverse ways based on our solid teaching system.

We offer two courses from which students may choose according to their future careers. We also have a reliable support system to help students obtain the necessary certifications. We keep the number of students in a class as minimum as possible to make sure everyone in the class would get a kind of support needed to cultivate the necessary skills to help people in need.

Department of Childhood Education

We aim to educate our students to cultivate viable abilities and acute sensitivity to be able to enhance the potentials of children under their care.

There is a high expectation in our society for childhood education professionals such as childcare workers, kindergarten, and primary teachers. They are expected to work in close cooperation with each other to carry out childcare and childhood education. With our robust academic programs and experienced teaching staff, we will educate our students to be specialists for childcare and education. Our students are to be trained to understand the importance of close cooperation between the three professions with long-term prospects in mind.

Department of Health and Sports Science

We aim to educate our students to nurture good leadership quality that would help people to have a good healthy life through physical activities and sports.

We endeavor to prepare our students to be health management specialists who can integrate physical exercise and sports with our daily lives. Our students are to learn how to find and solve the issues by practicing various activities and sports. They also learn sports training and rehabilitation skills and thus, obtain the necessary knowledge to actively engage in a wide range of therapeutic, and educational activities.

Department of Nursing

We aim to educate our students to cultivate the necessary professional skills through our nursing program, which emphasizes attending to both physical and mental needs.

We offer a unique nursing program through which our students will learn the science of nursing to be able to demonstrate advanced skills with a humanitarian mindset. Our well-experienced teaching staff will give full support to the students during practical training. The students will be able to have their practical training at a variety of hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions, which we believe, will nurture students to be able to demonstrate excellent nursing care as nurses, public health nurses and school nurses.

Business Administration Graduate Program

We aim to educate our students to be able to cope with various issues facing our world today. We try to accomplish this by providing relevant and up-to-date knowledge of business, accounting, and industrial information.

The graduate program for Business Administration covers the issues and problems any business organization or enterprise in today’s society may face. We believe our classroom should be a place where theories and the realities of the business world and the workers therein intersect each other.

Sports and Health Science Graduate Program

We aim to educate our students to be effective sports instructors through scientifically studying human health and physical strength, so that they may improve the competitive ability of people of all generations.

The curriculum for the graduate program is designed with classes focusing on human health and physical strength through their physiological mechanisms, and the students will learn medical, physiological, and psychological mechanisms of body actions. Through the program, we train our students to be future educators and instructors who have high professional knowledge.

Nursing Graduate Program

We aim to educate our students to be professional nurses with excellent research skills, who also have the required skills needed to support the health maintenance programs for today’s diverse society.

Our graduate program is designed to prepare our students to fulfill the responsibilities of a professional nurse for the decreasing birthrate and high aging population. They will acquire high practical skills within a framework of high moral and ethical guidelines to support the health management programs for a wide and diverse society. We expect the students to help raise the quality of people’s daily life as well as the quality of our medical institutions.

Midwifery Graduate Program

We aim to educate our students to be professional experts of “life” who will give support in their health management throughout the entire life span of women.

Our graduate program is designed to prepare students to empower themselves with the best knowledge and skills for rendering the necessary support to women throughout the entire stages of their pre and post-natal care including pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare. Through the program, the student will learn to be a professional midwife who is able to offer the necessary assistance to every woman, who requires maternal nursing care to nurture sound motherhood. They will also learn to acquire unswerving mind, skills, and experiences from a global perspective.


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